Dr. Michael & Elizabeth WALLACE
by Robert Wallace Avent

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In loving memory of my mother, Emily Schoolfield Wallace, and in honor of her two sisters, Diana and May, I dedicate this web site!

'Honour and shame from no condition rise; Act well your part, there all the honour lies.', Epistle IAlexander Pope

'Tis only noble to be good.
Kind hearts are more than coronets,
And simple faith than Norman blood.', Lady Clara Vere de VereAlfred Lord Tennyson

'Every man is a quotation from his ancestors'.-Ralph Waldo Emerson

No material contained in this family history is a result of any direct research on my part and therefore this site should not be relied upon nor referred to as a primary source. I have endeavored to consider only material that I believe to be dependable and generally well researched. There are two excellent publications though upon which this family tree is primarily based which are:

1. Virginia Genealogies by the Reverend Horace Edwin Hayden published originally in 1891 by Wilkes-Barre of Pennsylvania; and

2. Genealogy of the Wisdom Family published by George W. Wisdom in 1910.

I have especially benefited over the years through the internet in finding those individuals who were not only willing but eager to share their family research which not only made my task much easier but had the additional benefit of 'finding' lost cousins.

Though there are many illustrious ancestors, including those of royalty, in this family history (Sir William WALLACE, Virginia Louisa MINOR and General Robert ANDERSON amount others) there also are some historical individuals (i.e., Francis Scott KEY, Judah P. BENJAMIN, Hilaire Germain Edgar DEGAS) listed on this site without a relationship. They have an affinal relationship, several times removed, to the family tree. There is no blood kinship expressed or implied by these individuals being listed. I just find the association of these historical persons with the family a way to 'relate' to history.

Please remember that this is research in progress and is not meant to be definitive. I not only hope that all who view this site will find it informative but also request that any errors or omissions be brought to my attention so that I may continue to improve and expand this family tree.

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