Robert W. Avent
The Avent Crest 

British genealogist
Peter W. Coldham wrote, in his paper "The Avant-Avent Family of England": 
"None of the standard heraldic works of reference give a coat of arms for the Avents, but it is certain that the family used one with which to seal documents. We discovered in the Plymouth archives a manuscript volume on the history of the parish of Brixton, Devon, written by Richard Lane in 1833 which contains much Avent information, including a copy of a deed signed by John Avent of Plymouth in 1765 and sealed by him with his coat of arms."
The design for the one shown on this page [enhanced by this author] is from a grave in the parish church at Plympton, St. Mary, Devon, England, where the American Avents most likely originate, so it's a possibility.”
Note of Caution to Users: Thomas Avent, cited as being born in England and as the possible progenitor of Avent, Aven, Avon, Avant and Avants families in Colonial America in the late 1600s to mid 1700s in Virginia, the Carolinas, etc.

The point of this is early Avants and Avents have become so
discombobulated and inter-tangled during these early periods that documents specific to an individual is difficult to ascertain as to who is who. Common English names such as Thomas, James, John, Francis, Peter, Robert, William, etc., for males and Anne, Elizabeth, Frances, Mary, Rebecca, Virginia, etc., for females are carried throughout cousins and descending generations that it is difficult, almost impossible, to correctly assign documents to correct individuals. Often times early documents are assigned to an individual simply to indicate that surnames were present in a location during a specific period and to simply accumulate info on a family name in lieu of a specific individual. This may explain why a lot of info is often not placed on the correct person's profile. This is good and not so good. Often times researchers will take this info and use it as being correct.

Pay heed!
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